How To Set Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger Easily

Hey There, Want to know about how to set Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger?

Great! Today in this post I will show you how you can set up custom Robots Header Tags Settings in your blogger’s blog.

By using appropriate tags in your blog, you can interact with the crawlers to extend the search clarity.

In this article, we will give you complete information about custom robots header tags, so please read it completely.

Firstly we are going to give a piece of complete information on the custom robots header tags.

How you can set Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger?

I hope you’re a New Blogger looking ahead to growing your search engine publicity so that the organic visitors will reach your blog.

If this is the case then we will suggest you read the complete information below and enable custom robots header tags to get maximum benefit.

Before enabling custom robots header tags settings in blogger, you must know some things about it.

Custom Robots Header Tags Details?

On the blogger platform, you will see some terms of custom robots header tags there-

1) all – After enabling this option, crawlers are normally not bound by any restrictions. They’ll freely crawl, index, and expose your all content material.

2) noindex – Even in case you don’t share the URL of your personal blog with anyone, on such a situation, you need to use noindex tag because it prevents search engines like google from indexing the pages.

3) notranslate – If you also want to disable the translation option on your blog then use this option for the specific intent.

4) noimageindex – If you want that your images are not indexed in Google, then you can use the noimageindex option.

How to set custom robots header tags settings in Blogger?

As you all know we are talking about custom robots header tags setting in Blogger. Follow the steps which are given below:

Step 1: Go to the blogger website and sign in to your official account. Now you select the blog for which you have to set custom robots header tags.

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger

Step 2: Then go to your Settings option >>> Search preferences. Below the crawlers and indexing menus, you will find the custom robots header tags setting, Click on the Edit option.

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger

Step 3: At this step, you will see two choices. Clearly choose the yes option to continue.

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger

Step 4: Now, you’ll get a set of checkboxes. It might actually really feel like a complicated one, but it surely not. You’ll be able to set them by yourself by reading them properly.

Or simply observe the identical settings that I selected (refer to the picture given below)

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger

Great! You Have Done This

Trust me guys custom robots header tags are extremely effective!

Robots meta tag and description options are also available on a single post, which makes it more search engine friendly.

Add Custom robots txt File in Blogger?

Follow the steps written below to add custom robots txt file in blogger-

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Open Settings option >>> Search Preferences >>> Crawlers and Indexing >>> Custom robots.txt
  • After this click on edit and choose the yes option
  • Now you can paste your custom robots txt file here
  • After adding the file click on the save button.
  • Great! You have done this

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now let us discuss some of the commonly asked question related to Custom Robots Header Tags Settings In Blogger-

Are Custom Robots Header Tags Are Important?

Yes Custom Robots Header Tags Are very Important as they help in ranking and increase and decrease the search visibility.

Why is robots.txt important?

Robot.txt is very important for your site. It is a file that tells crawlers which page on your website to crawl.


I hope you liked this article and you must have learned something from it.

In the above article, we tried our best to guide you on custom robots header tags.

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