7+ Brilliant Ways To Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

Every person in the world wants to earn some money, so friends today in this article we have given you the best ways to Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

You never have to follow shortcut methods. If you really want to earn something, then you have to work a little hard.

You will find a lot of ways on the internet, from which you can earn instant money online.

So in this article today, we have told you genuine ways so that you can make instant money online for absolutely free.

Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

So below we have mentioned some points that how you can earn Instant Money Online Absolutely Free-

Let’s Start Guys!

Start A Nice Blog

If you also like writing articles and you want to earn some money then blogging is the only way.

You can earn a lot of money from blogging but for that, you have to create a nice blog. Of course friends you can start blogging for free.

If you are a beginner, you can create a blog for free by using Blogger.

But if you can invest something, then you can start your blog in WordPress. WordPress is a very good platform for blogging.

The best thing about blogging is that you can do this work at home anytime.

Steps to start a blog in wordpress-

  • Firstly buy the best web hosting (Bluehost)
  • Buy a new domain for your blog
  • Install WordPress

Great! You did it, now start writing articles on your blog.

By Creating Mobile Applications

Do you know how to make applications? If yes then you can earn a lot of money by creating mobile applications.

If you do not know how to develop an application, you can get your app built by any app developer.

You can earn up to millions of rupees by publishing your applications on the play store.

Just you have to make an application and you can earn money by putting Google Admob Ads in it.

Start Youtube Channel

Do you know Ryan Kaji? He is the highest-paid YouTuber in 2019 and earned $26 million (Rs. 200 Crore) on his YouTube channel “Ryan’s World” in 2019.

Friends, YouTube is a great platform to earn money.

I am not saying that you will become a celebrity overnight by creating a YouTube channel.

I just want to say that if you work hard then you will definitely earn money.

You can share your knowledge with others by creating a YouTube channel.

Join A Good Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a method where you can earn up to $ 500 on every successful sale.

You have to join the best web hosting affiliate programs and promote their services.

I cannot tell how much can be earned from affiliate marketing, if you will sell their services to more customers, then you earn a lot of money.

Sell your Services/Products Online

Finally, the most famous way to earn instant money is to sell your website or blog.

You can sell your services or products online (on your website) and this is a great method to earn.


If you want to earn money online then you have to be patient and work smart

I just want to say that if you have got some information by reading this article, then share it on your social media platforms.

Please suggest to us what we need to improve on our blog. We will definitely work on that. Thanks for reading our article

And if you are facing any problem related to earning then you must tell us by commenting.

Our comment box is always open for you.

Good luck!

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